Professional Patent Search Services

Founded by a U.S. Patent Attorney in 1997, is a full-service patent search firm geared toward law firms, corporations, and investment firms. Our most frequently requested patent search services are patent validity, product clearance, and patentability searches, but we also provide professional patent searches for determining the state of the art, compiling patent competitive intelligence, and the like.

Prior Art Search and Analysis by U.S. Patent Attorney

For non-law firm clients, we can dovetail our patent search results into insightful legal analysis. We can conduct validity and infringement analyses, draft opinions of counsel, provide offensive and defensive patent portfolio analysis, carry out pre-litigation investigations, conduct patent due diligence, and more.

Invalidate an Asserted Patent or Confirm Patent Enforceability

Frequently, a patent infringement defendant will challenge the validity of a patent during litigation. When confronted by such allegations, proof of invalidity based on prior art is the first line of defense. Learn more about our Patent Invalidity Search.

Prior to buying, selling, asserting, or licensing your patent, determine its strength and enforceability by conducting a Patent Validity Search. Knowing whether the patent can withstand an attack on validity allows you to take a stronger, better-informed negotiating stance. Learn more about our Patent Validity Search.

Conduct a Product Clearance, Infringement, or Freedom to Operate Search can work with you at any point during your product life cycle to protect your product and clear it for marketing. We provide a Product Clearance Search, sometimes called a Patent Infringement Search or simply an Infringement Search, to demonstrate that a proposed product does not infringe any in-force patents. Learn more about our Product Clearance Search or Patent Infringement Search.

A Freedom to Operate Search extends the results of a Product Clearance Search or Patent Infringement Search to include expired patents and other publicly available documents, which provide a safe harbor for a product or technology. Learn more about our Freedom to Operate Search.

Strengthen Your Patent Application with a Patentability Search

To obtain U.S. patent protection, a potential invention must be new (novel), useful, and nonobvious. Other national patent offices have similar requirements. A Patentability Search, sometimes called a Patent Novelty Search or simply a Novelty Search, is a search of prior art (the body of pre-existing knowledge) conducted on behalf of a potential patent applicant. A Patentability Search will test the novelty requirement by determining whether anyone else publicly disclosed the identical inventive concept prior to its critical date. Typically, an inventor commissions a Patentability Search before a patent application is prepared.

A Patentability Search will also (1) assist the patent drafter in preparing a patent application that better defines the inventive contribution of the new product over the prior art, (2) speed up prosecution by preempting examiner rejections, and (3) improve the defensibility of the future patent by ensuring that the Examiner considers the most relevant prior art during prosecution. Learn more about our Patentability Search or Patent Novelty Search.

Commission a State of the Art Patent Search

Designed to provide up-to-date information about progress in a specific technical field, a State of the Art Patent Search is the most general of all the patent searches and provides a broad review of everything already accomplished in a given field. For a client who is contemplating entry into a particular field, the results of a State of the Art Search may prove or disprove the advisability of such a decision. For a client currently active in a particular field, the State of the Art Search results can lay out a path to design around the current art. Learn more about a State of the Art Patent Search.

Conduct Patent Competitive Intelligence

A patent search is a business tool that builds knowledge of competitor activities, identifies gaps and potential opportunities, reduces infringement risks, and prevents redundant research and development. Patent Competitive Intelligence shows the reach of a specific company's patent portfolio and provides information about the intentions of competitors. This type of patent search can also identify potential partners. Learn more about Patent Competitive Intelligence.

See the Big Picture with Patent Portfolio Analysis

We have extensive experience in providing offensive and defensive patent portfolio analysis, which, among other things, can map the patent claims of one company's entire patent portfolio onto another company's entire product line. Learn more about Patent Portfolio Analysis.

Conduct Acquisition-Based Patent Due Diligence

An impending merger or acquisition puts an enormous strain on the intellectual property professionals at the respective companies, as they strive to conduct IP due diligence on the IP portfolio of their counterpart. Conducting patent due diligence is perhaps the most complex aspect of conducting IP due diligence. We are experienced at this task and can help. We can help you to develop and navigate the competitive patent landscape surrounding your soon-to-be acquired technology.

We will identify potential infringement risks, underutilized IP assets, patent trends in the relevant technologies, and opportunities for value creation through detailed patent searches of related fields. Forward-thinking companies that embrace these strategies will obtain the greatest returns on their IP investments and position themselves for success. Learn more about Patent Due Diligence.

Obtain Outside Patent Litigation Support

We have considerable experience with patent litigation. We can research patent law, draft briefs, consult on claim construction, prepare patent claim charts for infringement or validity, review documents, and perform many similar patent litigation support tasks at reasonable cost. Learn more about Patent Litigation Support.

Obtain Clear and Concise Patent Prior Art Search Reports

Our prior art search reports will discuss the relevant results and record the complete and accurate search history. We will refrain from offering legal advice about the relevance of any reference unless specifically charged with that task.

Choose a Patent Attorney for your Prior Art Search

If Patent Searches are poorly framed or insufficiently exhaustive, the consequences can be disastrous. Conversely, the insightful interpretation of patent data can help you to leap over your competitors to produce strategic and commercial gain. Most patent search firms cannot provide you with legal advice. An experienced patent attorney can contribute a range of skills unmatched by traditional patent search firms. Learn more about the Patent Attorney Advantages.