Patent Portfolio Analysis by U.S. Patent Attorney

Patent attorneys use the term Patent Portfolio Analysis in at least several, sometimes overlapping, ways. It can refer to (1) comparing one company's patent profile to another company's profile to identify competitive strengths and weaknesses; (2) conducting offensive and defensive patent portfolio analysis to map the patents of one company against its own products or the products of another company, and vice versa; and (3) providing an in-depth qualitative analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, and relative values of the individual patents in a patent portfolio, using a scoring system that takes into account a variety of factors.

Comparing Patent Profiles can provide a company with a Patent Portfolio Analysis of their company and that of their competitors. Such an analysis identifies competitive strengths and weaknesses. We will provide a client with regular analyses of their patent portfolio to identify their main fields of technical activity. By comparing their profile with those of their main competitors, we can identify their strengths and weaknesses and assess whether and where to take action. These portfolio analyses also enable clients to identify patents which are not directly linked to any relevant business activity, thereby helping the company to save money.

Offensive and Defensive Patent Portfolio Analysis can map a company's patent portfolio against its own key sources of revenue to determine which patents are truly providing a return on investment, and which are no longer contributing to the core of the business and might be monetized.

Such a patent portfolio analysis can help spot gaps in your patent claim coverage and help to draft a patent claim minefield around your business space that your competitors must negotiate. We can study a blocking patent held by a competitor and develop a strategy of fencing that patent in by filing for numerous improvement patents, which may lead to licensing of the blocking patent.

We can hunt for infringers of your patents and provide proof of infringement where it exists.

We are also experienced at mapping a patent portfolio onto another company's entire product line (offensive patent portfolio analysis) and mapping the competitor patent portfolio onto our client's product line (defensive patent portfolio analysis). In other words, when two competitors are rattling their sabers, a CEO wants to know whether any of another company's patents read on our products, and vice versa.